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Crescent™ Series Hardscape Light - Oil Rubbed Bronze Vignette


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This Crescent™ Series Hardscape Light features an Oil Rubbed Bronze Faceplate with our Wine Grapes Debossed Vignette, and real Brass Screws. The fixture is mounted between the wall block and wall cap, only needing a discrete 1/2" cap reveal. The 16 gauge Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Flange is held in place with weatherproof construction adhesive. 6' of 18/2 SPT1-W cable is conveniently centered and exits the fixture from the backside. The cable is routed through a saw-cut kerf in the wall block. Connections to 10/2, 12/2, 14/2, and 16/2 Low Voltage Underground Circuit Cable are quickly made using our Lighting-Fast™ Power Tap Connector and is included with each fixture.
Engineered for Wide-Spread Illumination, The Evening Star® OEM Driver powers 4 CREE® High Performance Ceramic LEDs to Project light Down and Outward on an Exclusive 30° Angle.
A Crystal Clear UV Stabilized Optical Lens provides pleasing, Even-Toned disbursement of light with No Hot Spots. An Amber Bug Light Lens is available as an option.
Available in: Warm White (3000K)  Neutral White (4200K)  Cool White (6500K)  Bug Light (2000K)
LED Illumination OptonsESL Hardscape Light as seen on DIY Network & HGTV