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Wireless Remote Control for RGBW Lights


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Item Information

The Evening Star Multi-Color LED Wireless Remote Control easily programs all your color changing paver, deck, dock and other RGBW lights as simple as changing the channel on your TV. Simply aim the infrared remote at the face of the light and press the desired buttons. Each fixture will retain the settings even when the power is turned off. (Non Synchronous, Non DMX).

A remote control is required to program the RGBW color changing lights. Without it, they will only function as white- the preset default color. Please add one to your order when purchasing our RGBW products.

Each RGBW fixture provides- 16 static colors, 4 dynamic modes plus 4 levels of dimming. Infrared frequency is 8 kHz. Control distance is 0 - 24" (0-60cm).


  1. (ON): Switch on the light.
  2. (OFF): Switch off the light.
  3. (Setup): Not used with this system. (for use with RS-485 system)
  4. (Cancel): Not used with this system. (for use with RS-485 system)
  5. (Flash): Fast color change.
  6. (Strobe): Slow color change.
  7. (Fade): Fast color transition.
  8. (Smooth): Slow color transition.
  9. (R,G,B): Red, Green, Blue colors.
  10. (White): Warm White color.
  11. (Brightness): Adjust the light intensity - 4 levels of dimming.
  12. (Battery door): Remove to access the battery. *Note* Please remove the plastic battery insulator tab prior to use.
  13. (Battery holder): Use only a new 3V Lithium button cell type CR2025 (Included).

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