1-3/8" Arbored Hole Saw

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This High Quality 1-3/8" Diameter Bi-Metal Hole Saw with included 1/4" Arbor is used to install the Evening Star® LED Paver Light, model PL130 in Wood and Composite Decking and Docks. This hole saw features a staircase design for easy plug removal. A slot is placed on the hole saw with multiple leverage points to easily eject the plug with a standard screwdriver. This hole saw is taller than other brands to deliver cleaner cuts through two-by lumber. The slot efficiently removes saw dust and chips while producing a fast cut and preventing the plug from getting stuck in the saw. An enhanced tooth geometry, a thin kerf design and an advanced coating contribute to the efficiency of the cutting process by removing material faster, therefore generating less heat while cutting. Dimensions: 6.4"L x 1.380"W x 1.380"H - 35mm. Weight: 5.4 oz.