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PL250 LED Paver Light - Recessed Mount - Warm White - Parallel Wire


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The PL250 LED Recessed Paver Light features a 2-1/2-Inch diameter body, and a 2-Inch diameter Internally Frosted Tempered Glass Lens. Three 0.3 Watt Warm White 5050 SMD LEDs and a Second-Layer Diffusing Optic provides pleasing, Even-Toned subtle wash of illumination with No Hot Spots. We machine the PL250 from One Piece Solid Brass and Nickel Plate it with a beautiful Satin Finish. The PL250 comes ready to install with One 3-Foot long 18/2 SPT2-W Cable. Connections to 10/2, 12/2, 14/2, or 16/2 Low Voltage Underground Circuit Cable are quickly made using our Lighting-Fast Power Tap Connector and we include one with each fixture. The PL250 installs easily into any 2-1/2-Inch (65mm) diameter core drilled hole. 


Evening Star® PL250 LED Paver Light
 Model  PL250LED-RM-WW-PW
 LED Brightness  0.5 Watt
 Lumens  10 ~ 20lm
 Voltage  12V AC / 12-24V DC
 Current  0.04mA
 Power  0.5 Watt
 LEDs  3 CREE® 5050 SMD 
 CRI  90+
 LED Life  50,000Hrs.
 Beam Angle  120°
 Ambient Temperature  -30° ~ 125°
 Dimmable  No
 Cut-Out Size  2-1/2" (65mm)
 Diffuser Lens  Frosted Tempered Glass
 Body  Solid Nickel Plated Brass
 Cable  1 Male & 1 Female - 5' PVC
 Connector  2 Pin, Non Polarized Screw Coupling 
Dimensions 2-1/2" D x 1.5" H
 Ingress Rating  IP68 Waterproof
 Weight  14oz
 Compliance  RoHs
 Warranty  5 Years